Filogix is pleased to announce the arrival of Dolphin in the Filogix Mortgage Marketplace

Filogix is pleased to announce that Dolphin Enterprises is the newest member of the Filogix Mortgage Marketplace.  Lenders using Dolphin’s MIC Manager software can now receive mortgage applications directly from any agent using Filogix Expert, or any point of sale system connected to the Filogix Marketplace.  Dolphin Enterprises has been providing MIC Manager and Syndicate Manager to Canadian private lenders since 2002.  Dolphin’s MIC Manager is a complete END to END solution for MICs and privates as it is the only configurable accounting private lending solution.  With a true customizable chart of accounts,  MIC Manager provides real time accounting and cash management software solution.  With over 18 years of development based on client and industry requests, MIC Manager has continued to expand its robust and sophisticated functions, features and reports.  Although MIC Manager is fully developed, the team at Dolphin ensure clients unique business needs are continuing to be met by offering customization and personalized development and support.   To learn more about Dolphin click here